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devops: continuous deployment infrastructure

Looking at how to handle a continuous deployment system in conjuncture with a continuous integration system. My thoughts are to use a CI system like Jenkins to automate the testing of all recently committed git repositories, and to kick off a check list of dependencies.

The general idea would be:

1. Developer commits to git/master
2. CI pulls from git/master
2.1 CI runs all regression tests against git/master
2.1.1 CI returns report to developer and halts if any fail
2.2 CI Looks up the package manifest of a given project, and pushes project to staging server
3. Staging server determines which OS project belongs under (Debian, etc) and generates debootstrap image if none exist
3.1 Staging server creates clone of debootstrap image, and apply all .deb packages from manifest to image
3.2 Staging server stores image to shared file space
4. CI calls deployment server to deploy the image to a given environment
5. Deployment server checks manifest, and determines which class of server image is to be deployed, and attempts to deploy the image to appropriate Dom0 for the given environment, as the appropriate DomU

Additional coverage testing would be included in the regression testing, and the first deployment would be to an acceptance testing environment. This setup is similar to http://morethanseven.net/2011/03/20/A-continuous-deployment-example-setup.html and other ideas by kitchensoap.com.